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There are children in our communities all across the country with a deadly childhood cancer, neuroblastoma (NB - the most common cancer among infants). These children are fighting for their lives—fewer than half will survive. When a child relapses the survival rate drops into the single digits and that is true when children are properly diagnosed. Unfortunately, up to a third aren't, causing them to be given the wrong treatments and worse. These children are our focus. 

Treatments for these children can involve surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, bone marrow transplants, and antibodies. Chemotherapy and radiation are themselves carcinogenic. If the child is fortunate enough to survive, the likelihood of dealing with long-term side effects is 72%, with 42% being life-threatening. 

That is why harnessing the child’s own immune system is so important. Every one of the doctors on our medical advisory board is focused on training the immune system to fight cancer without toxic lifelong or life-threatening side effects.  Obviously our first priority is to fund any treatment that can significantly increase survival rates; however, all things being equal we will lean towards a harnessing the child's own immune system -  like how a vaccine works. 

Everything we have supported this far has been focused on harnessing the immune system to fight this disease.  When a child is diagnosed with neuroblastoma anywhere in the country there is a very high probability that child will receive treatments developed by the doctors on our Medical Advisory Board. These doctors are keeping children alive with drugs designated for other diseases years before even clinical trials were opened to confirm the treatments effectiveness. 

None of these doctors’ research is possible without the support of people like you.


Power of Love. 

This is an extremely powerful, moving and well done video that shows the challenges that families face fighting childhood cancer. Please take the 14 minutes to watch it. I am confident you will be glad you did. It was done by the TV show 60 Minutes in Australia. 

Doris Roberts And Jack Betts Stand Up For Childhood Cancer And End Kids Cancer. (We changed our name). 

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Power of Love

Why we started the End Kids Cancer Research Foundation. (new name - End Kids Cancer)