Top Neuroblastoma Cancer Hospitals

chla Please note that while the doctors acting as advisors to KCRF are affiliated with most of the hospitals listed above, none were involved in selecting the hospitals on the list below. The selection of medical centers in the list below is based on several factors learned and observed over my family’s 12-year quest to find a cure for our daughter, who was first diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in 2000. The doctors from these facilities have consistently published medical papers about cutting edge research and clinical trials. In addition, doctors at these centers have continually introduced a broad range of the most up to date, effective treatments in the fight against Neuroblastoma.

Most of the medical centers listed below consistently receive grant money from the NCI (National Cancer Institute) for novel research and clinical trials related to Neuroblatoma. This is an excellent indicator of their expertise and commitment to curing this form of pediatric cancer. You can view the 2009 “NCI Neuroblastoma Grant Awards” list under the “Important Links” page of our web site. Look at lists from previous years to determine which institutions consistently receive awards from NCI.

Ultimately experience is one of the most critical factors in the successful diagnosis and treatment of any rare disease. This pertains not only to the primary treating physicians at a medical center, but also to the system of support that surrounds them. This includes the experience of the surgeons, nurses, radiologists, lab technicians, pathologists and others. The institutions listed below seen most of the Neuroblastoma patients diagnosed in the United States today. This experience plays a crucial role in prescribing the most appropriate course of action for their Neuroblastoma patients.

We at KCRF are not claiming to be the absolute authority, or that this list is absolute or all encompassing. Anytime you are making such an important decision about the health of your child, you must confirm the data and opinions you are using.