Steps to Hope: A Guide to Getting the Best Cancer Care


KCRF just released Steps to Hope, a guide to finding answers to the most important questions following a cancer diagnosis  not only for children but also adults.

Today, thousands of individuals will be diagnosed with cancer. And whether these individuals get the appropriate advice and treatments is often left to chance.

This booklet is about creating a critical understanding: The doctors and medical centers you choose can make a huge difference in your battle with cancer.

We believe that if you spend one afternoon identifying the key centers for your disease that can confirm your diagnosis and give you their recommendations on what would be the best treatments for you or your child, you will significantly increase the probabilities of a great outcome. Steps to Hope will show you how to find those key centers, and how to communicate with them.

Reader’s comments: “I love this booklet!  It’s something that really needs to be out there. To me, this statement alone will save lives if people read it: the doctors and medical centers you go to can make a huge difference in your battle with cancer.” ­­Dr. Margaret K. Bauman, Adult & Child Psychiatry, The Bauman Clinic, San Luis Obispo, CA, trained at University of California, San Diego and M. D. Anderson Hospital Houston, Texas.

Yes Frank, I went through it and was impressed with the direct, clear, honest approach you took to just letting folks know how things work. It was positive, uplifting and enlightening. I can see when a person faces the terror of the diagnosis, such words can be both helpful and reassuring. Good job, Rene’ Bravo, M.D., Pediatrician.

You’ve done it! This is absolutely top notch. Someone reading it for the first time is not only going to feel your passion, but your thoughts and ideas will stay with them throughout the process. Guy Rathbun, radio host, Public Radio Exchange

With a donation of $10 or more, you will receive a PDF version of Steps to Hope via email.  Please respect our copyright because 100% of the book sales goes to pediatric cancer research.

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