“The Secret of Joy” – Entertainment professionals from Hollywood, the UK and Italy have joined forces to produce “The Secret of Joy”, a 12-minute short movie, a book and a song, which will be donated non-exclusively to the Kids’ Cancer Research Foundation to raise the awareness of pediatric cancer. From August 28, 2015 through […]

Originally published in the Pacific Coast Business Times The roots of the Kids’ Cancer Research Foundation in San Luis Obispo go back more than a decade ago to a diagnosis that changed the life and family of Frank Kalman, the organization’s founder. “I knew nothing about cancer — absolutely nothing. And then our daughter developed […]

Our team has done some digging into this often confusing subject and identified an article that we believe helps put CT scans and other common radiation dosages in perspective. It’s approximate but hopefully useful. How much radiation is too much? A handy guide By Brianna Lee The Daily Need (PBS) March 22, 2011 Japan’s nuclear […]

We extend our deepest sympathy to Alyssa’s family, who lost her to neuroblastoma at age 13 after a seven-year battle. Alyssa’s time with us was far too short but the lessons she taught many will stay with them forever. Alyssa Babineaux knew more about being brave than we will ever know. The road for Alyssa […]

Our dual mission to fund research while advocating for patients and families has led us to situations in Ireland, Hollywood and Washington D.C. Each situation has called upon us to advocate for sick kids as a result of the actions and attitudes of ill-informed but highly accomplished people involved in kids’ cancer. The first involves […]

We are excited to announce the newest addition to our clinical trial research initiatives: “Immunotherapy for High Risk Neuroblastoma” being conducted by Dr. Shakeel Modak and team at Memorial Sloan Cancer Center, NYC. KCRF intends to support 4 of 18 kids in this phase I trial. To do so we need $160,000 by year-end. And […]