As always, the CNCF conference was a complete success. No matter how many times I go, I always learn a lot. Almost all, if not all, of the leading neuroblastoma cancer research centers were represented. I’ll just touch on a couple of the issues presented at the conference. Dr. Navin Pinto, Dr. Gerald Yamimash, and […]

The NANT group focuses strictly on relapse children – children facing very difficult odds. NANT is comprised of 14 of the country’s leading cancer research centers. It is the brainchild of Dr. Robert Seeger of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. They have almost a dozen projects in the pipeline, but I will cover just a few. […]

My admiration and respect for pediatric oncologists never ceases to grow in my travels and interactions with them. Based on my own journey, I can honestly say these men and women are different from the rest of us. I have been to conferences where they begin presentations at 7 in the morning, don’t stop until […]

We’re pleased to announce our booklet, Steps to Hope, is now available for download, for free, on the KCRF website. Please share it with family and friends to help get the word out about what to do in the event of a cancer diagnosis. The concept is “the best defense is a good offense” so […]

I recently attended the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer Conference in Washington D.C. while visiting the city with my family on vacation. The group was impressive, consisting mainly of parents and family members who, driven by their personal experiences, lead childhood cancer foundations throughout the country. Many are professionals, all are talented, capable, and highly driven […]

Under the direction of our Medical Advisory Board Chairman, Dr. Robert C. Seeger, we’re pleased to announce our latest grant award to support a clinical trial known as the NANT 2013 Adoptive Cell Therapy: Autologous NK Cells + Lenalidomide + ch14.18. Dr. Dean Lee of M.D. Anderson will lead the effort with other researchers participating […]