KCRF for a Cure Card Party

You may have a group of friends that regularly gathers to play games or cards. Or you may just want to have a party that helps to raise money for Kids’ Cancer Research Foundation (KCRF) for a Cure. Either way, such a gathering is a great way to help earn money for neuroblastoma research.

Step 1:

Decide on a card format, date and location for your KCRF for a Cure party.

Step 2:

Send invitations to the friends and family you are inviting to your party. You can use printed invitations or send an online e-vite. Ask your guests to bring a $5-20 donation. Make sure to communicate that all donations will be used to support research into neuroblastoma and support for the families of neuroblastoma patients. Ask your guests to RSVP.

Step 3

: Email Frank Kalman at frank@endkidscancer.org with the date of your party. Frank will mail you any of the following materials that you request to support your potluck party:

  • KCRF for a Cure lunch bags.
  • Informational cards.
  • About The KCRF.
  • What is neuroblastoma?
  • How you can help.
  • Donations.
  • Business-sized cards with the KCRF for a Cure Web site.
  • Blank cards. Use these cards to write and print the story of your favorite neuroblastoma patient.

Step 4:

Several days before your party, make sure that you have enough cards and other materials that you will need to play your game. Plan and purchase refreshments. You may provide simple finger foods or more complicated meals/dishes. Whichever you choose, make sure that you also have drinks, plates, silverware, cups and napkins.

Step 5:

Collect decorations for your party. Consider making posters on your computer with the stories of neuroblastoma patients.

Step 6:

Find a container(s) that you will use to collect donations. Make sure to provide directions for making checks out to Kids’ Cancer Research Foundation.

Step 7:

The day of your event, prepare your game tables. Decorate the location with information about Kids’ Cancer Research Foundation. Make sure that any KCRF for a Cure materials you have ordered are easily available to your guests. Place the donation container(s) in a central location so that your guests my easily make their contributions. Prepare your refreshments and purchase ice.

Step 8:

Hold your party and have fun!

Step 9:

After the party clean up and count up your donations. You may submit the money:

  • By calling 1-805-550-7682.
  • By sending a check or money order to:
Kids’ Cancer Research Foundation
1150 Fuller Road
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Step 10:

Send your guests a thank you note for their support of KCRF for a Cure.


Use these instructions to host any number of different types of parties. You can host a bunco party, a book club party or a bingo party. Be creative!
Consider purchasing a small gift for the winner of the card game!
Plan entertainment for the children at your party.
Take some time during the party to discuss the KCRF for a Cure cause. Show pictures or a video. Explain to your guests why it is important to contribute to neuroblastoma research.