KCRF for a Cure Bake Sale

You don’t have to give up lunch to raise money for a cure. You can treat your friends and family to something sweet too. Holding a bake sale in honor of KCRF for a Cure expands your reach to more people – even people with whom you may not have a relationship.

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Step 1:

Select a location for your bake sale. You may choose a school, church, work or anywhere else where a large group gathers. Then select a date and obtain permission for hosting your bake sale on that day.

Step 2:

Email the date of your bake sale to Frank Kalman at www.frank@endkidscancer.org. Frank will mail you brown KCRF for a Cure-branded lunch bags that you can use to package your bake sale items after purchase. You may also request the following informational cards to hand out at your event:

  • About the Kids’ Cancer Research Foundation.
  • What is neuroblastoma?
  • How you can help.
  • Donations.
  • Business-sized cards with the KCRF for a Cure Web site.
  • Blank cards. Use these cards to write and print the story of your favorite neuroblastoma patient.

Mark will make sure that you receive these materials several days before your KCRF for a Cure bake sale.

Step 3:

Publicize your sale. Here are some ideas that will help.

  • Use your computer to develop flyers and posters complete with the date and location of your bake sale. Also consider including a picture of the neuroblastoma patient your sale will support. With permission, place the posters and hand out the flyers at your sale’s chosen location for 3-4 days before your sale.
  • Send e-mails asking friends and family members to come to your sale.

Step 4:

Organize friends who will help you cook goods to sell at your bake sale. Make sure you have enough items to continue your sale for several hours.

Step 5:

The day before your bake sale, make sure you have enough tables to display all of your baked items the next day. Go to the bank and get change. You will need change in coins, $1, $5, $10 and $20. Make sure to note how much money you have committed for change. Also make sure that you have a container in which to keep your money. Make signs that will direct traffic to your bake sale. Finally, decide a price for each of your baked items.

Step 6:

Bring all of your baked goods and materials to your bake sale location in enough time to set up. Hang your directional signage in various high-traffic locations. If you have any informational cards, make sure that they are available for pick-up by bake sale patrons. Place several trash cans near your sale location for customers to throw away their trash.

Step 7:

Open your bake sale for business! Remember to place each baked item sold (if possible) inside a Lunch for a Cure bag.

Step 8:

At the close of your sale or when all of your baked goods are gone, clean up and remove any signage that you have hung. Subtract your original change investment from the total money to find out how much money you have raised for KCRF for a Cure.

Step 9:

Send the money you raised to KCRF for a Cure. You may submit the money:

  • By calling 1-805-550-7682.
  • By sending a check or money order to:
Kids’ Cancer Research Foundation
1150 Fuller Road
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Step 10:

Make sure to thank those who have helped support your event.


  • Hold your bake sale in an area with lots of traffic.
  • Make the prices of your baked goods competitive, but don’t give them away. Remember you’re holding this event for charity.
  • Share your story with customers at the bake sale. Make sure they understand the cause they are supporting.
  • Encourage your customers to visit the KCRF for a Cure site and give up lunch. Make sure they know where to find more information and how they can help.