Kids With Cancer Never Give Up. 

Neither do their families. And neither will we. Not until we End Kids Cancer. Our mission is in our very name: to support the research and clinical trials that will cure neuroblastoma, the most common form of cancer in infants. And we’re getting closer. In fact, a child anywhere in the United States who is diagnosed with neuroblastoma is very likely to be treated by therapies developed by the doctors on our Medical Review Board. But less than 5% of all cancer funding going to kids cancer, we urgently need your help to achieve the next big breakthrough.


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#ShareALifeEvent Movement

Here’s the amazing thing:

The breakthroughs we develop to treat kids' cancer have been shown to help treat many deadly adult cancers, too. Now here’s the tragic thing: in spite of that, only a fraction of all cancer fundraising goes to kids' cancer. It’s time to change that. Help us raise the visibility of neuroblastoma research by sharing a life event on Facebook to send a message that kids with cancer deserve long and eventful lives, too.


How To
Share A Life Event

Did you know that less than 5% of all cancer funding goes to kids? When you #ShareALifeEvent, you'll spread the word that kids with cancer deserve long lives filled with wonderful moments. Here's how:

1. Upload a photo and post with a caption that says, “Less than 5% of all cancer funding goes to kids, but every kid deserves great moments like this.”

2. Tag three friends and ask them to #ShareALifeEvent.

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