About KCRF

westin_at_fenceThere are children in communities all across the country, with a virulent childhood cancer, neuroblastoma (the most common cancer among infants). These children are fighting for their lives—fewer than half will survive.  When a child relapses, that number will drop significantly, and that is true when children are properly diagnosed. Unfortunately, up to a third aren’t, causing them to be given the wrong treatments and worse.  These children are our focus.

A child anywhere in the United States who is diagnosed with this cancer is very likely to be treated by therapies developed by the doctors on our Medical Review Board.

Our placement of funds has already shown to be effective. FDA and NCI funding has followed our support of early phases of some of the most promising non-toxic treatments using immunotherapy.

Many children are dying needlessly who could be saved with current treatments because their parents don’t know about them. We have produced a free guide booklet (which can be downloaded from our website for free) that teaches parents and caregivers, in just 40 pages, how to find the cutting-edge centers focused on their child’s cancer, to confirm the diagnosis, and get treatment recommendations. The booklet is designed to benefit adults, as well.

The booklet will also show how to overcome the financial and emotional obstacles that prevent many families from seeking treatments that could save their child’s life. It has been endorsed by some of the leading medical authorities.

With the help of our Congresswoman we sent a copy of our booklet to Vice President Joe Biden. Within six days I received an invitation to represent pediatric cancer research at the Cancer Moonshot Summit in Washington D.C. It was an honor to be included in the discussion at the summit.

In addition to funding research and disseminating valuable information, we provide critical connections. We get calls and emails from desperate parents across the country and the world asking, “Our child has relapsed – what should we do?”. Within hours we will have those parents talking to leading investigators on our board about treatment options.


The mission of the Kids’ Cancer Research Foundation, a leading pediatric cancer research charity, is to provide financial support for research and clinical trials that will cure neuroblastoma (NB), witcuresearch_boyh an emphasis on non-toxic treatments. Our narrow focus on neuroblastoma is designed to increase the success of finding a cure. While the focus is narrow, the benefits derived will be broad. At the time of this writing, several other cancers will benefit from advancements made in neuroblastoma research. Some of the more commonly known are: lung cancer, breast cancer, kidney cancer, brain cancer, liver cancer, prostate and skin cancer.